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Vol. 20, #02 – 3/29/13


Why not Wither the Nicollet Mall Renovation

The city of Minneapolis over the last few years has attempted to get state funding to assist with reconstruction of Nicollet Mall, including a swing and a miss at the Governor’s supplemental budget last spring. Wanting to keep some momentum going forward there is talk that a design competition will be instituted through the City’s Planning and Development office in early summer to seek ideas from design consortiums, reportedly for plans that reflect the principles put forth in the Downtown Council’s 2025 plan.

Especially if there is no progress during this legislative session, maybe city leaders, public and private sector, press “pause” until stakeholders can get to an inspired consensus on what it is they are trying to accomplish. It is important that we come to terms with “why” before heading out on a mission to build “what.” The Mall was built first in the early 1960s to strengthen downtown as the region’s premier destination shopping area. It was in direct response to retailers, mostly the major department stores, who feared the impact of Southdale and the other planned enclosed malls coming online. (Ironically Dayton’s, the loudest voice for a retail street, was […]

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