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Vol. 20, #03 – 4/30/13


MinnRoast Not Yet Completely Cooked

Your editors are both loyal readers and big fans of the work produced by MinnPost, the pioneering electronic newspaper. Unlike our modest effort, MinnPost is published and staffed by some of the region’s most talented and accomplished journalists. MinnRoast, the wildly popular annual fundraiser – “a gentle skewering of journalists and politicians” – is in the rearview mirror but some of the special events which are sold as part of the party are still available. Among the events are “A Midnight Party at the Walker,” a curator-guided tour of the exhibit with the same name, that includes a pre-tour wine and cheese reception. We were surprised to see that “MinnPost Cooks,” a gourmet experience provided by legendary chefs like Joel Kramer and Lee Lynch at a White Bear Lake home, did not completely sell out. We can attest that Lee can tend bar as well as he smiths words; besides, Uncle Al Sicherman is bringing dessert. That has to be worth the price of admission. FFI log onto MinnPost.

Power Up

The Minneapolis City Council has directed City Coordinator Paul Aasen to initiate an Energy Pathways Study in advance of the city’s franchise negotiations […]

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