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Vol. 21, #01 – 12/31/14

Heavens to Gilson (inside joke) we are going to resume regular publishing of Neerland & Oyaas Online beginning the week of January 12 on a more or less bi-weekly schedule. Oh gosh there’s so much to tell you! The Firecracker Committee caught up with us around Thanksgiving so the first issue will be an executive summary of their selection of the 2014 Firecracker of the Year award winner.

Since we last dropped an issue of Online on your virtual doorstep more than a year ago, much has happened. Most importantly we have moved. After more than twenty years patrolling the skyways of the Minneapolis downtown core we have relocated to the North Loop of the Warehouse District. Our new world headquarters is the Union Plaza Building, 333 North Washington, Suite 107. Our emails and phone numbers remain the same. It was very hard to say goodbye to our many friends in the venerable Young Quinlan Building, beginning with the ownership/management group led by Bob and Sue Greenberg. They run an operation that is at once professional and elegant with a family feel. The faces of the family are, of course, Darlene and David, the elevator operators, along with the united […]

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