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Vol. 23, #06 – 11/21/16

Election Aftermath

There is little to add from your humble editorial staff that will bring additional clarity to a community—not to mention a country—reeling in the aftermath. We stand by the notion that the truth, to the extent we mortals can know it, is round. Our best advice: beware anyone with a corner on the truth because there isn’t one. Beware too of haters, even those who “hate” haters. Yesterday Pope Francis reminded us all that “It is not power defined by this world but the Love of God, Love capable of encountering and healing all things.” Even the most secular of us humanists can find hope in love.

We caught a bit of reader flack for our first ever political endorsement, but it looks like we didn’t exactly tip the election scales in the Paulsen-Bonoff race. If you want to see why we were so sold on Terri, take a look at her post-election letter to voters on her campaign web page. Pure class. [link]

Distraction – Dat Traction

There are so many wonderful theatrical and musical happenings this holiday season it will be hard for anyone not to find a vehicle to get lost in. It […]

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Vol. 23, #05 – 11/07/16

A Shout and a Tout this Election

Since Online began publishing we have steered clear of actually promoting candidates for elected office. A not-so-careful review of the archives brings us to believe this may be a first. Whether or not it is, this is special. We first got to know Terri Bonoff when Sean Oyaas, a former N&O intern from back in the ballpark days, went to work for her at the Legislature. “You guys, I think Terri really is different. She has a plan to work with industry across the state to better match post-secondary training with their needs. Terri drives the special interests–and sometimes Majority Leader Bakk–nuts, voting no on close votes and wedging herself onto conference committees to improve bills.” The training plan did come together. The Pipeline is a partnership with business, through the State Chamber and MNSCU. Students have successfully been placed in good jobs with manufacturing, tech and medical employers across the state. This is one shining example of a stellar track record of accomplishment, made possible by someone willing to do the heavy bi-partisan lifting that comes at our State Capitol.

This Sean guy, with Terri’s encouragement, left her office and accepted a position […]

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