Vol. 23, #06 – 11/21/16

//Vol. 23, #06 – 11/21/16

Unlike many sore losers we shall not squeal.
We offer distractions while leaders the new order reveal.
Here's hoping your know-it-all relatives are this once forgiving.
From us to you, please enjoy a quiet Thanksgiving.

Election Aftermath

There is little to add from your humble editorial staff that will bring additional clarity to a community—not to mention a country—reeling in the aftermath. We stand by the notion that the truth, to the extent we mortals can know it, is round. Our best advice: beware anyone with a corner on the truth because there isn’t one. Beware too of haters, even those who “hate” haters. Yesterday Pope Francis reminded us all that “It is not power defined by this world but the Love of God, Love capable of encountering and healing all things.” Even the most secular of us humanists can find hope in love.

We caught a bit of reader flack for our first ever political endorsement, but it looks like we didn’t exactly tip the election scales in the Paulsen-Bonoff race. If you want to see why we were so sold on Terri, take a look at her post-election letter to voters on her campaign web page. Pure class. [link]

Distraction – Dat Traction

There are so many wonderful theatrical and musical happenings this holiday season it will be hard for anyone not to find a vehicle to get lost in. It almost seems like a civic duty to list a few to get you started.

  • “Lion in Winter,” Guthrie Theater, now through December 31. Some among you may remember the marvelous movie treatment of James Goldman’s vicious comedy of manners that started Peter O’Toole and Katherine Hepburn. Director Kevin Moriarty has ramped up the intensity and unleashed a remarkable cast on this 12th Century yuletide tale featuring the Plantagenets, a dysfunctional family of royal proportion. “Well, what shall we hang? The holly or each other?” Kevyn Morrow captures the true spirit of the besieged Henry II and we are betting that audiences will see the launching of a stellar career in the person of David Pegram who plays Phillip II, one of Henry’s bratty sons. [link]
  • The Lab Theater is hosting two swell distraction style productions this December. “What Fools These Mortals Be” is the brainchild of Kevin Kling and the Interact Center. The master storyteller leads a cast, 50 strong, in an evening of theater, humor and over-the-top foolishness. “Fools” features original music by Ivey winner Aaron Gabriel. Get tickets @ www.brownpapertickets.com.
  • If your favorite distractions lean towards the bawdy then “Visions of Sugarplums, a Burlesque Nutcracker,” back for a third season, dazzles with an array of moving arts from classical dance to Broadway-style ensemble dances. It’s sure to be an event to warm the coldest of cockles, of hearts of course. www.showclix.com.
  • If it’s music that heals your soul the folks at the Dakota Jazz Club have loaded the December calendar with lots of good stuff. Let us point you to two of our personal favorites. On December 9 George Maurer, celebrated composer, collaborator and pianist extraordinaire, brings his holiday ensemble to the stage. If you haven’t seen George lead this all-star cast it is a holiday tradition worth starting. For your Online staff The Peterson Family is the musical kickoff each season. Each one of Jeanne (Arland) and Willie Peterson’s offspring has made it into the musical big time and for many years they have taken advantage of the holiday season to work Peterson magic together. On Sunday, December 18, there will be two shows. FFI www.DakotaCooks.com.

Classified Ad Department

Neerland & Oyaas, Inc. is in search of a sole practitioner type professional interested in sharing space in our unique and impressive world headquarters. There is approximately 300 square feet of individual space plus conference area and modest kitchen to share. Not only does this provide an interesting peek behind the N&O tomfoolery and skullduggery, but there is ample opportunity to enlist the contract services of Marsha Wagner and her CastleVisions network for office and meeting support services. If you are interested in riding the wave that is the North Loop we are in Suite 107 of the Union Square Building, 333 North Washington. Shoot Mark an email (Mark@Neerland.Oyaas.com) or call 612-338-0050.

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Mark J. Oyaas is a principal in Neerland & Oyaas, Inc., a public affairs consulting company. His work includes advising clients on business opportunities in the public and nonprofit sectors. In addition to coordinating government relations projects, Mr. Oyaas heads up the firm's communications services under the "germ of an idea" banner.

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